Summary year 2022

Summary year 2022

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 30 December 2022

I heard that social media is full of summaries from year 2022. "Influencers" tells how they have had really tough times and difficult life, and yet their pages are full of photos from beaches and beautiful sunsets and laughter. That's how world is running nowadays. I just had talk with Satu, we both agreed that this has been most difficult year ever. Luckily we have Malaysia.

Year 2022 in numbers 3 497 800 steps, which means about 2635 km or 1 630 mi. I don't do any exercise, so all steps are when fishing or with reindeer. I had 60 fishing days which is okay when season is 120 days. Of course there is again Malaysia which was 15 fishing days. I count as fishing day when I'm 6 hours out, so all half day guiding trips and fishing are top of these numbers. About 15 million cube litres has passed me when fishing in Finland.

I'm happy about fishing. It was not easy as it shouldn't be. It was lot fun. I'm having lot of stress these days and waking up during the night. My thoughts goes from worries to summer and fishing. Again Malaysia, fishing was so great there and it was great holiday with world class company around. I have wrote series of FP about that so I won't go deeper with it now.

Other highlight was absolutely June, I had lot of guiding and I was able use what I learned during the holiday for advantage for my guests.  July was totally dead and that was shitties July ever. Then came August and it brighten up again. Some guiding again but most importantly Thomas Zullich stayed around almost 4 weeks. We fished together and if Malaysia start to get me back on my roots around flyfishing from surface and sight fishing. August really kicked me back.

First of all circumstances where perfect for dry fly fishing as it is often in August. I got some excellent dries from Thomas. And even when having Covid it was just good thing, I didn't have many guiding days and had to avoid human contact so I could fish by myself. Lovely time.

So even it has been most difficult year ever and I'm not sure if coming one will be any better. We always have Malaysia with Satu (I think it means one in Malaiji) :D . 

I have clear goal that 2024 we going back as long Paul and Ashly are still there.

I'm looking forward for coming summer, life won't be easy, it never is but there will be always time for some fishing.

Happy new year and I truly hope it is better than last one. Go fishing it helps

Mika the Legend