Sexyloops - Stormy start in the new year

Stormy start in the new year

Stormy start in the new year

Daniela Misteli | Sunday, 7 January 2018

After the last few casts at the coast we already had to drive back to Switzerland. The last days we're quite stormy in Denmark so fishing was not easy but a few small fish and one quite nice one was still possible. And of course a funny afternoon with cutting a whole polar bear skin was great. Always nice to spend some time with friends.

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Sadly back home in Switzerland there was the information about a storm, that's not normal here and already in the morning we're out of electricity for the rest of the day. So many trees all around, strange that noise when a tree comes down in your backyard. Lucky nothing happend to anybody or anything but he had so spend quite a lot of time with cleaning up all the leaves and clean up the water in the basement.