Michal Duzynski | Sunday, 14 February 2016

As you all know I spend past couple months researching and learning about my future boat. I saw many different ones, I had a ride in one similar to what I want, I spoke to some experts of what I might need, and now I know that the search is complete.

I loved this boat from the first moment I saw it, but it was still in the middle of my chase, so I thought WAIT, THERE ARE MORE AND MAYBE BETTER, but... nothing like this one.

This boat has everything I need, the deck layout is perfect and looks very clean and tidy, the hatches are perfect, there is a built in esky - love that feature . It has as they call it SOFTRIDE HULL which means it is a stable boat, and just as an example my mate's boat was kind of tippy when I stood far to one side even for a wide and big boat he has.

I got so excited that I went to the marine with measuring tape as I wanted to take my time and take really good look at this boat, check details and measure all inside deck to be sure how much space I'll have while fishing.

The guys that work there were very nice, they let me jump in and check whatever I wanted and they answer all my newbie questions.

Once I step in I knew it was made for me, I picture placement of all my gear, start doing casting strokes just to get a feel of it - and it was perfect. On the attached picture of my drawing you can see SFX450,  I just wanted to measure 2 boats to see if there is much difference between 430 and 450. They didn’t have 450 in stock, but no worries here as AGAIN the 430 is perfectly enough.

Somebody here said IF WANT TO BUY A BOAT DON'T BUY JUST A BOAT- BUY THE BOAT, and I think I will follow on this one. Now SFX Catcher is a new model - came out in 2015 so there is no many second hand boats on the market for now….

By the time I will be ready to buy it, I might have half of the money and then finance the other part. We talking $50 a week here, which doesn’t sound bad and even if Stessco comes with new model for 2017, I’m still hitting the SFX430 I fall in love with.

Can’t wait to start writing front pages about the day I buy it, and all the fish I will catch with it.
All the best,

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