Starting to free-rise

Starting to free-rise

Paul Arden | Saturday, 10 June 2023

This is possibly my favourite way of catching Snakehead. There are basically four ways here to catch these fish. 1) chasing them when they are parenting (babies) 2) free-risers rising every 5-7 minutes, when they are active, often in a community, and in a territory 3) hitting the banks, which is better in the Wet Season and usually, but not always, results in smaller fish and 5) intercepting a solo fish that’s changing territory. These last ones rise every 15 metres or so, every few minutes, will almost always take a fly, but can be difficult to intercept without spooking because they don’t always swim in straight lines!

This fish in the POD was changing territory. I saw him from the distance, wasn’t sure what it was until the third rise when I saw the tell-tale tail wiggle (“tell-tail”??!). I managed to intercept him on approx the 7th or 8th rise. Bang!

I’m very busy. I’m busy coaching via Zoom. That’s great fun and very productive. Lee is busy in the UK. I think we have 6 builds currently on the go (they come in waves, I don’t know why), I’m training at least 15hrs/week for Ironman, a bit more now with really trying to improve my swim stroke. And life is good!!

I had a Zoom call with Bruce Richards last weekend. I’ll edit this video up tomorrow and run it on the Tuesday page. Always great to catch up with Bruce. I really must get back over the US in the next year or two so we can fish together again.

Right, 5hr bike ride today and then I head home to see my wife!! I wonder what she looks like?

Have a great weekend!

Cheers, Paul

ps short Saturday is coming!