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Start to pack

Start to pack

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 11 March 2022

So I heard that borders in Malaysia will open first of April. Flight prices might jump up in any moment. If I book now it is done and that’s it. So yesterday evening I spent few hours to check flights and best options. Planning as you could say, at the same time I had chat with Paul. This time I had few questions but in fact it was like otherwise.

So I just booked flights to us, Malaysia we are coming. And now I will cross my fingers so hard that it will hurt. I think that our first plan was visit Paul in 2020, then we had possibility to go Paris, So we moved our Malaysia to 2021. Covid erased Paris and moved Malaysia to 2022. I started to plan this allready on December, it has been mostly to wait that borders open. Now the war is on and it has give some extra issue, still I won’t back up from this. You know if you just wait and wait, something will come up and plans change. Now I just pray and hope that we can do it. I have tickets anyway.

I searched measure tape yesterday evening and Satu was wondering that what heck, I’m doing. If I started to pack allready. I had to measure how thick soles are in our wading shoes. You might know that simms changed stud type and new ones won’t fit to old shoes. So when I got link from Paul about studs I had to measure which studs I could order. After that I tried to make order…. It was not possible to do that outside UK via website so now I’m waiting that they will contact me soon. If not I have to figure something out. Those studs looks good and I could use them also in wading shoes which are for guests.

Paul asked if I have 8WT or heavier. I have to say that first I didn’t understand what he was talking about. His mind is like mine, jumping suddenly from other subject to another one, at least in this case. First talking about that we need to have light clothes because it is hot during the afternoon, about elephants etc and then if I have certain gears. I kind of got busted, I do have 8, 10 feet rod. He asked if it is 4 piece. I was not 100% sure about my answer even I know it is 4 pcs. I haven’t use that rod for 4 years, no need. It feels little bit embarrased, especially for fishing guide. You could also say that shame on me but it fits on style.

I kind of got list during the chat what I need to have for trip. Light summer clothes, have to buy basicly totally new ones. I have lost 26 kg from last summer and we don’t have weather like that in here anyway. I need two new reel, these are not just for this trip, reels are list anyway before summer. Studs, those I’m working on, and need them anyway. New suitcase, have few but probably need one or two that I can fit fishing gears in, kind of list anyway. Neoprene wading socks, those I probably won’t need after trip, on other hand you never know. Cheese….. this is for Paul, he said that cheese over there has no taste and one what he has on feet has awfull smell.

Satu was making few questions also, one was about crocodiles. They don’t have those on lake so it will be safe to swim for her. Yes we know that Paul swims in lake but it is not guarantee that there are no crocodiles, remember his feet and socks. Paul said tigers won’t see, footprints maybe and Satu said that she is not worried about tigers. Could see elephants, that would be nice. And then the leech…. If there is anything learned from movies, those are there and you just need to have huge knife to get them out.

Looks like I’m pretty much ready to pack and go, it is only 61 days until plane take off. We have 1 meter of snow, sun is shining and it 2 celsius on sun.

Have a nice weekend and go fishing

Mika the Legend

Ps. Happy birthday mom, you will turn 70 years tomorrow.