Spring Has Sprung

Spring Has Sprung

Andy Dear | Monday, 4 April 2022

Spring has finally arrived in Texas, and along with it, the most wicked wind I have EVER seen!

 To say I dislike the cold is an understatement. I tolerate it because I do enjoy the hunting opportunities that the fall and winter bring. But, outside of that, I haven't much use for cold weather. The past couple of winters have been particularly cold here in Texas, but it looks like we're finally into a warming trend. Of course, along with that comes the wind. For the past three weeks, most days it's been blowing a minimum of 15 mph, and on same days upwards of 30mph. Not a particularly good recipe for fly fishing the flats.

 Early last week, it looked like the wind was going to lay down on Saturday, so we booked a day with Captain Freddy Lynch to chase some Redfish. Saturday morning came around, and just like the forecast predicted, we awoke to a wind of less than 10mph. Unfortunately, the front that was predicted to move through Saturday evening accelerated through Saturday morning! By 10am it was blowing 15mph out of the north, which on our stretch of the coast, mussies up all but a few well-situated shorelines. And our normal stomping grounds in 9 Mile Hole were COMPLETELY blown out within the hour.

 Jackson did manage to stick three big Reds on a nondescript crab fly...and all three of them broke the leader in between the knots. Hard to say if it was a wind knot, or perhaps the gill plate from another fish in the school, or just bad luck, but yesterday was not a good catching day for either of us.
But, as I have learned over the years...and as Jack is learning now, bad fishing days are part of the game, and are a great opportunity to strengthen one's resolve, and prepare for the next trip.

  Whenever I get run over by the elements (like yesterday), I always try to use it as an opportunity to re-rig tackle, explore new fly patterns, work on a rod build, or learn a new angling related skill. I've quoted my good buddy and rod building colleague Bill Falconer before who likes to say regarding tackle craft "It's a way to be doing it when you can't actually do it".

Speaking of which, I am slated to receive a Hot Torpedo 8wt. blank from Paul this week. More to follow on the build out of this blank. I think it will be just the ticket for summertime REdfish on the flats.

Hope you all are having a great week,