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Something missing

Something missing

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 15 September 2023

I had one more guiding last weekend and beginning of this week. Saturday and Sunday quad safari and fishing at our lake. Nice time but something was missing all the time.

Saturday when we started to fish, first fish was hooked in 10 minutes. Then nothing for one hour, one small pike. I was in the boat with one guest and just thinking to go back to shore and going to help Satu with cooking when we hooked one fish.

We cooked dinner from those two fish and guests had night over at the lake. Sunday they fished by themselves and picked some mushrooms. Difficult weather for fishing but got few perches.

Monday river fishing day, guys fished with flies and lady also, but I built for her set up for angling rod. Water was really high and we fished lower part of stretch which is much easier and better with high water. Fishing in upper part is really good also but too difficult for beginners.

Lady caught nice 37 cm grayling quite soon after start and some smaller graylings also. It was beautiful grayling but I don't have photo cause all the photos I took with her phone. I asked to have them but no.

Guys were having some smaller graylings and few were even decent ones. I was mostly guiding one gentleman because he wanted to learn casting and fishing with fly. Other one was more into doing business on the phone than fishing. They pay so it is not my job to tell what to do. Still it feels stupid to go on fishing trip and spent most of time doing business than doing what you came to do.

Maybe that's life of successful business man. What is point of living if you are not really living it. He seems to have money, possibility to fish where ever he wants and yet if his trips are like this fishing one.... stupid life.

Other man was enjoying nature, fishing and we had nice talks with him. He seemed to be wealthy man also, different approach. We talked about fishing and his trips etc. Really enjoyable talks and company, with other one no connection at all even I was told that he is fishing and hunting. If your mind is not there, your heart won't be either and then you are not there.

At the same time it was sad to see but also it made me value my life much more. I ain't rich if money is how you count it.... I have much more which can't be bought with money.

Really busy end of the week, have to renew 2 hectares of field, finish building fire wood shelter, chicken house has to get done etc. Why? So I can have one more short fishing trip to Sweden before reindeer works begin.

Life is good.

Have a nice weekend and go fishing

Mika the Legend