Some new things

Some new things

Gary Meyer | Tuesday, 17 October 2017

After what seemed like a dearth of flyfishing activity my plate overtopped in the last few days.

I finally got out to practice cast and I played around with the Sivirgolato. Which, after some Sexyloops pointers and Utube videos, I was happy to comprehend, but was actually disappointed to realize it is just a derivative of a cast I have been using for years.


Then, I heard the main eastern part of Everglades National Park reopened for daylight use but with severely reduced facilities. Even so, that allowed us entrance and a full day of running around the backcountry, mostly sightseeing but getting a line wet too. Some places looked to have weathered hurricane Irma quite well, others, sadly, not so well. We were able to find some snook and tarpon willing to eat flies and bend arthritic rods, so even getting caught under a white-out thunderstorm could not dampen the day.


When I got home I found my copy of Jason Borger’s new book waiting for me!


But, all of the above pales in comparison to the anticipation and preparation for an upcoming backpacking trip into the Smoky Mountains; a trip that has me salivating for another taste of (imaginary?) trout fishing and for some fresh air with a nontropical temperature!


So, I should have some things to write about, eventually, but not much today and probably not next week either.


See you in a few!