snow shows

snow shows

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 24 March 2023

It is last busy week of the season. Next week it is slowing down totally. We just got one ice fishing event booking which is nice to have on April. Before that event we go to Inari for one week, watch reindeer race finals. After racing weekend some ice fishing in Inari lake. We will have our fly fishing rods with us, so some training also.

I did one casting training this week. I planned more, but there where some snowing, cold days etc. Also my hand is getting worse again and it is not because casting.

I did three drills, one was loop control, one was accuracy. For accuracy I used reindeer hide as target. I put hide on the ground and bigger target was hide itself, then I used smaller targets, which were legs in hide. That was nice drill and I enjoyed a lot.

Third one was standing hoop again. This time I changed drill little bit.  I had about 45 feet distance to hoop, and I started left from hoop, so that I had about 30-35 degree angle. I started to cast thru standing hoop, and after each cast, I took one step to right. Eventually I was on right side of the hoop about 30-35 degree angle. All the time aiming thru the hoop. That was also fun drill. Because Lumiline is disappearing against snow in daylight, I couldn't always be sure if I hit hoop or just next to it.

My luck is or then not that snow shows how I did. 

Today we are doing some tv-shooting for German Kabel Eins and weekend we have reindeer racing in Kuusamo. Next week casting training for sure and also I have to start to test our young reindeers. So looking forward quiet and still fast week. 

Have a nice weekend
Mika from Finland