Snakehead Week

Snakehead Week

Paul Arden | Monday, 24 August 2020

I was planning on heading into Sungai Tiang this week but some of the lads are in another National Park, so I’ll do what I really need to do, which is go Snakehead fishing! It’s been a very hit and miss summer this one; I keep expecting it to fire up - and I think it will - but so far it’s all about the anticipation!

The Tiang project is going well. I’m hoping that we have the weather suitable for some anglers to make trips in September. I have one more trip to make first which is to fish the upper reaches. I have a plan in mind, 5 days fishing and a day either side for in/out, with one central camp. It’s going to take some organising, but once everything is in place it should be possible that they bring guests in every week (that’s not Wet Season) and that is the ultimate goal.

Anyway I have some time off this week. I have catch a sexy Snakehead because I want to photograph it and vinyl wrap the sides of my truck with its colourful scales. I have to put some pretty serious miles in on the bike (when Ashly was here I went running but not riding). And I have one more thing to do, which is try to throw a loop on command that has a small spinning circle of line at the nose of the loop. I know that it sometimes happens (it’s very rare!), I know how to stop it happening but to actually train myself to throw them is going to be a challenge. So some roof top casting will be in order.


I’m expecting our usual annual flurry of rod sales in the next months. We have a double hit here, the first is that it’s not uncommon for anglers to purchase rods late in the season, and of course we are not that far away the season opening in NZ - and discerning NZ/Oz anglers buy Sexyloops rods! You guys should be looking at the HT4 for stillwater flats by the way! :D


Life is good right now I hope you’re enjoying it too. I’m chilling out in the back of the boat and will head out soon for the late afternoon/evening fishing. I love living in the boat. It’s pretty damned perfect. I expect now that I’ll be living in a boat in one capacity or another for the next twenty years. It makes sense to live on the water. Rods are always set up. I can cast, I can fish, I can swim. If I want a different view I park somewhere else! I’m chilling out in my underpants. What could be better? :D


Have a great week!


Cheers, Paul

PS I'm uploading a video that I used for teaching a few weeks ago. It's focussed on improving the double haul. When it's live I'll post it here!