small stream, small nymphs and small fish

small stream, small nymphs and small fish

Daniela Misteli | Sunday, 27 May 2018

We fished the Ilfis, a small stream in Emmental, the place where the cheese with the whole come from. It's a nice river with clear water and a lot of shallow parts. A river that like to be made for flyfishers, but because of everyone can fish in it how he likes there is a lot pressure on the fish and it's not easy to catch something. We fished there with a friend, who knows the river quite well just one small detail: he is a spinn fisher men... so it was quite funny to fish with two fly rods and one spinning rod :)

Our spinnfisher friend was really fast, one cast here, one cast there and further up, just like T-Rex is behind him and he has to run :) but the two first fish we're at our flyfishing rods. We had to fish with small nymphs and long leaders, our catches weren't big but nice. Of course there started something like a competition between fly and spin, so our friend started to "hury" even more and of course he caught more. In the later afternoon finally also some fish rised and Mauro could even catch them with a dry fly. 

So everying like it should: it's more fun to catch a fish with the fly and you can fish also behind a spinning rod in a small river still cating fish :)