Sit down - *and* hold on to your hat...

Sit down - *and* hold on to your hat...

Viking Lars | Monday, 18 January 2016

Because it gets worse... It's me, VIking Lars again, and let me again begin by stressing that there is no (apparent) reason for worry, but here's last nights bulletin from Paul:

"DudeĀ  -WiFi's not working at the resort and I can't upload Monday's FP, Can you cover for me again, pls (see, he says please again :-)."

Then some scramble about this and that, and then this:
"Will be guiding for 9 days straight - well 7, and then 2 days of teaching"... I'm not sure what to think - maybe there really is cause for concern?

Anyway, enough of that - I can only wish it was me being guided for a few days of snakehead fishing - I mean, just the name of that fish makes me want to catch it!

A new innovation on the Board sees its inception this week, where Paul for the first time runs "A Week With...", which is a feature, where we all get to probe the mind of a casting guru, and of course, in proper style, Paul's starting of on a high note, so to speak.

From today, Jason Borger (whom I suspect needs little presentation to the readers of this site), will be joing us on the Board for a week of discussions and, hopefully, explanations and enligtenment!

And even though he probably doesn't need it, here's a few words about Jason Borger:
Jason is the son of Gary, also named Borger, who shouldn't need any presentation either. Jason grew up fly fishing with Gary all over the US as Gary, amongst many other activities, ran Fenwick's fly fishing school and hence got to fish and teach all over the country.

Jason may be known for being the fly casting stand-in in "A River Runs Through It", but in "real" fly fishing and fly casting circles, he's best known for his book, "The Nature of Fly Casting - a modular approach". A book which I myself have on my shelf, and a book I've appreciated a great deal. It's a great book for many reasons, but I really enjoyed learning about the modular approach, which I think is something all instructors should know at least just a little about. On some students, it works relly well to teach in modules.

Jason is also well known for his ilustration-work. Jason's pen is easily recognised and seen in many books and articles - not least many of Gary Borger's book, including the new series Gary and Jason are publishing at alarming rates, "Fly Fishing, The Book Series" of which I of course have the latest, vol 5 - Fly Gear. I'm even lucky enough to have a few original Jason Borger art pieces on my desk - of flies, of course!

Jason is taking time out for the Board as he's busy working on a new version of his book, so keep an eye on Jason's blog for news, if you're interested.

So - Jason's on Board for a week - please join in and let's have som good discussions!

Have a great week,