Sinking lines, the only way at the moment

Sinking lines, the only way at the moment

Daniela Misteli | Sunday, 6 August 2017

It seems to be the word of the week: sinking lines. For us at the moment we don't have any other possibility to reach the fish. We gave the pike a little brake and started to go for perch in our lakes. Not always a easy project, specially since me moved and have some new water around us. To be honest, in one lake we still didn't found the rights spots but in the other it starts to run, but only with sinking lines.

We have some full sinking lines with an intermediate running line, Paul let me know if you're producing one like that. They go down very deep and because of the also sinking running line, they stay longer down. My favourite flies, are some unweighted streamers - while stripping they come alive and if you don't have any mucle pain in the evening after perch fishing you just don't stipp hard enought Cry


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