Sexyloops Saturday

Sexyloops Saturday

Andy Dear | Monday, 28 August 2023

Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of spending the day with not one but two fellow Sexyloops enthusiasts. A new friend whom I met through SexyLoops about 6 month ago named D.K. and I spent the day with Captain Freddy Lynch chasing Redfish. Unfortunately a recent tropical storm had the fish in a less than good humor.

  D.K. and I met through Sexloops earlier this year. He had read about my exploits with Captain Freddy Lynch and has since become a regular client of Freddie's. It was debatable as to whether D.K.s trip was even going to happen due to the recent onshore arrival of Tropical Storm Harold. The two days following the storm, the fishing was pretty good from what Freddy tells me. Saturday turned out to be an absolutely beautiful day. And, to be honest, there were a ton of fish on the flats. Unfortunately, low tides and tropical storm hangover had them in less than a cooperative mood. Having said that, we still managed to have a great time, with good conversation and fellowship. I hope that D.K. can come back soon to see what the Laguna Madre is really capable of kicking out!

  A few months ago Paul sent me a Hot Torpedo 7wt for evaluation. After I spent a few weeks with it, I offered to hand it off to Phil Blackmar. You guys may know Phil from his participation on the site...a great guy who has become an even better friend. Unfortunately, our schedules had yet to line up until yesterday. Even though I was under a bit of a time constraint to get back to the hill country, Phil and I spent about an hour casting on a local pond. I am not sure there is anyone else out there in the fly-casting world right now who is experimenting with as many different casting thoughts as Phil. We both had a fantastic time exchanging ideas and have planned to not wait so long to get together to have a cast again.

  During the three-hour drive home, I was constantly reminded of how many of the best people in my life have arrived here through fishing...and several of them specifically through fly fishing. No matter what the amount of money I have made in this business is, or whatever professional accomplishments I have had the privilege of achieving, it will always be the friends that I have had the honor of knowing that will be the most rewarding aspect of my involvement in this industry.

Hope you all are having a great week!