Paul Arden | Monday, 22 May 2017

Today we're launching a great new Sexyloops product - a camouflaged micro-fibre fishing shirt. Great for stealth wear, underwear, outerwear and also looks good for just hanging around during hot dates with your mother. As you can see the Invisibility Shirt features a Jungle Mahseer (Kelah in Malay - I mention this because there are Mahseer luring me deeper into the jungle where the tigers live and it's a very special fish that looks just damned sexy being on everyone's bucket list!) The plan is every few months to change the fish and sometimes the background but because this shirt is ready to go we're releasing it first... :)


With the Sexyloops logo across the shoulders and another smaller logo stationed at front right chest level your fly casting arm will surely develop superior casting prowess. You can also have your name on the front left for a small additional charge - namely only 3 USD - but not for the first order unless you are ABSOLUTELY sure of your size!! (It's easy to find a second purchaser for a wrong-sized order, but very much harder if they need to have a certain name as well!) 

These shirts are manufactured for us right here in Malaysia but we only make to order (the thought of holding stock of dozens of shirts in all different sizes, in my boat, was too much - even for me!). Every second week we'll place an order, the shirts take approximately two weeks to make, so shipping takes approximately four weeks (but we'll say 4-6 weeks just to be safe).


This shirt is rather special I'm sure you'll agree, the dye goes right into the fabric and there's nothing else quite like it - at least not that I've seen - so it's well worth the wait we think, especially so if you have your name assigned to the front.

I am an XL, but you can see the full size listing in the shop. Expect to find yourself one size larger than you'd expect! The price is 60USD per shirt. This price includes tracked world-wide delivery to your door. 63USD with your name. You can put your shirt size in the order notes but expect an email from me!


Click to see the new Sexyloops shirt in our shop: The Sexyloops Invisibility Shirt.

This week I'm working on the Sexyloops Fly Fishing Academy as well as fishing of course! The water level here at Belum rose quite considerably while I was in Indonesia but has since dropped about a foot and a half. So fingers crossed we've hit maximum level now and the lake level will continue falling right through to monsoon time in November.

There are Gourami at the surface to be had and I'm finally starting to find free-rising Snakehead. The next five months is the best fishing of the year - and I'll be here for the next three months and then a possible trip to Mongolia. Next year I'll be summering in Europe so I really want to make the most of this one; it's my favourite fishing at the moment and I only skip it for the World Fly Casting Championships!

It's fantastic to see Gourami at the surface feeding, I caught one of my first day back - Friday - and I'm watching one working the margins as I'm typing this. In fact I must pause for a second...


...bloody wind came up! 


I have a large order of Hot Torpedo blanks coming in. Sales have been excellent this past couple of months. Last week I took five orders with another 4-5 pending. This year my goal is 200 rods. That will put a houseboat on Temenggor and really allow Sexyloops to flourish. Good times are rolling!

I hope you're all successful in all you do and of course have a fantastic week's fishing! Academy news comes next week.