sexyloops fly tying school part 20 - streamers

sexyloops fly tying school part 20 - streamers

t.z. | Friday, 4 March 2016

Streamer fishing … well, it´s almost frowned upon. I guess it is because it seems too easy. At least i do … shouldn´t the fish just take that thing?? even if I do not see the fish and let alone the fly?? Well, you can call me stupid … but no worries, I can try to tell you that this thinking has changed of course. Why would I otherwise admit it, right? ;-)

I am no tackle freak … can´t be because I have too much other things with me. Warm cloth, coffeepot and other very important things for being out in the bush … chocolate for instance. I mostly use a 4 or 5wt. line when fishing.

So if i "have" to fish streamers like in «no fish rising», «the water is deep and fast» «there must be a lurker in that deep hole» … i reach for the one of the two streamers I have in my box.

So how does one construct a good streamer? There is at least twice as many theories as there are flies. I keep it simple. I like Zonkers made from mink or rabbit fur strips. Mink is better I think as the hair is denser and it does not pick up so much water and weight.

Mink Zonker

Fur strips .... they come in all sorts of colors. I am OK with all of them as long it´s black ;-)

- after laying a short thread base tie in the zonkerstrip opposite the hook point

dub the thread - color, material etc. is really up to you
the pic shows claret seals fur

dubbing front to back and ribbing with the thread makes the fly more sturdy

lay the furstrip over the dubbed body and secure behind the hook eye

zonker5  cut off the fur strip and secure with a few whip finishes. 

Basically the fly is done. However, it looks a bit boring so I added a few "things".
Be creative and do what looks good to you - or leave it as it is at that stage.

"head" add ons 

I like long soft hackle collars on such flies - tie in by the tip and wind around.

The feather shown is from the poor lagopus I "met" in 2014.
read the story here 

For kicks I covered the head with peacock herl.
I like rather "thick" heads on streamers. 

I have not used any weight. I rather fish a sinking line or use splitshot on the leader. That leaves me the choice on how deep I want to fish the fly. Weighted or not -- if on needs to go down the fly is never heavy enough anyway. However, if one is after a natural presentation on a sinktip or intermediate line a weighted fly can be too heavy.

I have some streamers with tungsten heads though. The tying is pretty similar for those, just that the hook is pierced through the fur strip so it ride upside down.



picture by Al Pyke 

Thomas Züllich, or - “t.z.” as most call him - is a German flyfisher & flytier living in Norway. His flydressing is based on old traditions as well as very modern and innovative methods of creating flies. You can book Thomas for guided trips, flytying classes and presentations. He regularly gives speeches and demonstrations at fly fishing fairs. Thomas is member of the ProTeam at Partridge of Redditch as well as Regal Vises.

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