Seatrout Fishing - my addiction

Seatrout Fishing - my addiction

Daniela Misteli | Sunday, 24 July 2016

Water all around, strong wind, no current, damn cold, rain and only a small fly maybe 15 meters in front of me… To be honest I was completely lost when I went seatrout fishing the first time, it’s the opposite of what we have in Switzerland. But when I heard my husband was planning a fishing trip to Denmark I was really interested to join them. Luckily he and five of his fishing friends agreed to take me with them up north. It was my fist “real” fishing trip and in the beginning it was not easy, casting all day long and being the only women around 5 guys. But I stayed nearly quiet about my muscle pain, tried hard to catch one of these silver shiny fish and luckily the guys could cook really well! One small seatrout in 6 days was all I got, of course I went home quite frustrated but I was hooked!

One year later I planned to return and booked a flight, summer house, spent many hours on the internet and tied a lot of flies. My husband didn’t know anything about the plan and was worried (because I didn’t want to go to Austria for a fishing weekend) - until I showed him our flight tickets to Denmark! Back on the Danish coast we hooked up with several fish but still only small ones. There must be big fish and we had to learn to catch them – but how to do that? Some months later we visited Fyn, the place you read so much about on the Internet. Will it work over there? I’d been tying so many flies that we could fish 10 different ones each day and I'd taken casting lessons, so now it had to happen – I was ready. And finally, after one whole week, a nice seatrout took my fly and our first really nice fish was landed! I was so happy and had one of the most beautiful fish in my hands I’ve ever seen.

Since then, four years have passed and I go to the Danish coast as often as possible. So many funny stories have happened when we’ve visited Denmark. Escaped rainbows, destroyed beer cans (because we have no pand), catching flounders, seals that appear in front of your flies, friendly fishermen always explaining the best spot or fly, sometimes explaining also why needlefish have green bones (you don’t know? Of course because they have been eating to many Germans in uniform!) Smile Don’t expect no-one will talk with you when you meet them at the water while fishing... in Switzerland, we’re unfriendly compared to Denmark. Yes, Danish fisherman are all talking like crazy! Cool

Have a nice sunday and you’ll read more about my favourite fishing soon!