Sea trout, Garfish, Pollock, Carp, Asp - Lots of fish this week!

Sea trout, Garfish, Pollock, Carp, Asp - Lots of fish this week!

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Seems we were pretty lucky all week long. No matter where we went, we ended up in the middle of fish in all places.

During the past weekend I was running a workshop on fly fishing for Sea trout. Besides teaching how to fly cast and tie Sea trout flies it was a pleisure to help my students to catch their first fish on fly rod. Always special these moments! We had a great weekend catching Sea trout, garfish and pollock along the Danish Baltic coast. Couldn't have been much better for us.

Before and after the weekend I was chasing carp and asp. Two of my favorites in my hometown waters. Asp have just arrived (back from spawning in the sidestreams) in the huge river Elbe near my living place. As always they offered me some incredible strong takes. Using the Power Gum shock absorber (Drennan) allowed me not to get broken off during the strike. Brilliant stuff, well worth to check it out - not only for fishing for asp! 

The carp fishing was excellent as well. So all in all it's fair to summarize: We had a truly fish-loaded week.

In between fishing I went down to a lake checking my max distance for the static roll cast for a first time within years. We are having a discussion about the static roll cast here on the Sexyloops board these days. Using a short headed 6wt. fly line (presentation, Guideline) and with a little help of a small tailwind I topped out at around 21-22m. Without having trained that cast for a long time, that's excellent for sure. The 2 main key points for this cast in my experience are: Getting as much line mass behind the tip pre rotation and positioning trajectory upwards by releasing the line early (just not too early). Fishing wise I use that cast quite sometimes!

During the next weekend I will be teaching fly casting in Leverkusen. If you want to join, just let me know!

Ok, time to hit some water now.

Great fly fishing week to all of you!

All my best


Some pictures as always...

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