Salmon fly for Denmark

Salmon fly for Denmark

Viking Lars | Saturday, 20 May 2017

I often get asked by flyfishers, who travel to Denmark, which flies to tie. And there are a great many to choose from, of course. My own favourite for many, many years has been (and still is) my variant of the Black & Silver.

But I think the most popular fly for the last few years has been Mikael Anderson's "Banana Fly" as I wrote about a few weeks ago.

And I'll use that opportunity to post a video about how Bo Nielsen, a fantastic fly tyer and salmon fisherman from Denmark, ties his version. I'll use that opportunity to leave you with short front page as I'm down with a bad case of man-plague (my wife insists it's cold, which of course it's not - it's the plague!).

Have a great weekend!