Rubber Lovers

Rubber Lovers

Martyn White | Thursday, 3 November 2022

The early winter bass fishing on Tokyo bay has continued to be good although not necessarily following the expected patterns.

This week we struggled to find any fish on big bait. Only one area had what seemed to be just a couple of fish chasing mullet near a dock light, but we couldn't get them to play ball. Probably because of the sheer amount of bait. So we took a run off shore to see if we could pick up some fish under the LPG platforms but the wind and tide made it difficult to position the boat so we could cast in around th legs. After a few lost flies we gave up and moved back inshore.

Despite the lack of big bait feeders, there were plenty of fish feeding on anchovies. At this time of year, this often means smaller fish, but not so far this season. In fact there have been very few small fish so far, maybe only 2 or 3 around 30cm with everything else being 50cm plus with the majority in the mid 60s. I'm not sure why this is the case, and it might suggest some kind of population issue. But I'll not complain about it yet, the little fish might still be hanging out in the estuaries or just in different places.

Anyway, we've not had huge numbers of fish but with the quality of the fish that's OK. This week's star fly was, predictably, the rubber candy. All 14 of my fish coming to it, including a nice one of 69cm, just shy of the magic 70cm mark. Dave on the other hand only managed 2 or 3 fish on craft fur deceivers and surf candies. I'm convinced the fly made the difference, everything else was the same. Dave was in the bow most of the night and should have been well ahead, but his flies didn't have the neutral buoyancy of the rubber candy, I'm also starting to think that the semi opaque silicon is a key factor when fishing around lights, it creates just the right outline with just the right amount of light transmission combined with a soft mouth feel making it irresistible to the bass. Capt. Masuda reckons it's the best fly he's seen for Tokyo Bay bass. It's just a bit more hassle to tie than a surf candy, so that's the pop fleye most people choose for small bait.

I did offer Dave a rubber candy, but he refused...