Rod Hand Path In Fly Casting

Rod Hand Path In Fly Casting

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Many fly casting books present the perfect vs. a faulty rod tip path in order to shape perfect loops. Very few of these books present an effective rod hand path in order to hit the desired tip path. Since it will always be YOU (not the rod tip) making the cast, I think all these books are missing an important key factor!

Many fly casting instructors put a lot of effort in studying the relation between rod tip path and loop shapes as well as publishing their knowledge about it. Sure there was a lot to learn in that. Besides that significant fewer instructors concentrated on publishing the pros and cons on different rod hand styles. I am not even sure there is a single book presenting most of the common rod hand styles - especially related to the size of arc.
Al Kyte some years ago published his book “Guide To Better Fly Casting”. It includes a chapter about “arm styles” offering some excellent information though.
As an instructor watching my student’s rod hand movements is among the very first things I focus on before the lesson starts. The huge advantage in watching the rod hand path instead of trying to follow the rod tip is: SPEED. The rod hand moves at much less speed making it much easier (not to say possible) to observe it with just my eyes.

You think I am wrong and fly casting is based around rod tip movement?

Then please be welcome to the Sexyloops board. You may start a thread and we hopefully will have a nice discussion and learn more about the fly casting details. Good time of year (right now) to do so – well, here in most parts of (ICY) Europe that is!?

Casty week to all of you!

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rod hand path in fly casting

P.s.: Oh, you couldn't see the rod tip? Well, you may just assume it was moving along a perfect straight line most of it's path. ;b 

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