Relatively Cold

Relatively Cold

Martyn White | Thursday, 22 December 2022

My Christmas holidays have partially started already, so I've only had a couple of days of work this week, which has meant plenty of time for fishing around all the usual year end business.

I've been to a few rivers, seen and caught plenty of fish but I've not seen many bigger fish. As fun as it is to get plenty of shots at numbers of fish in the 4-6lb bracket, it'd be nice to get some more shots at better sized fish. I was going to head to another location with fewer but bigger fish tomorrow. However, my mate Hiromiki is coming over to sort out some tying stuff and go through some video from our trip to Hamanako in the summer.  So we've decided to go to the little river near my apartment. He doesn't fish much for carp so although the fish tend not to be that big, there are loads of them so he'll get plenty of chances and it'll give him a chance to build confidence in bright flies too.

In preparation I've been busy topping up and replacing the flies that have been lost or suffered forcep damage. Mostly it's been scruffy bugs and tungsten beaded glo-bugs along with a few worms and leeches just incase, but I doubt we'll need the more natural stuff given the forcast. Although it's not as cold as a lot of you will be experiencing it's still getting down to around -3 overnight and getting a little over zero during the day.  I'm pretty sure the main decision factor will be which colour glo-bug to put on first- whichever seems to "pop" most when I squint at my box in the natural light. 

Anyway, I'm going to get the gear ready for the morning. So I hope you all have a great Christmas an New Year. I'll be enjoying mine!