Rehab - finally cleared!

Rehab - finally cleared!

Scott Loudon | Sunday, 30 August 2015

It's been a good week here... I'm 6 weeks into a Pilates rehab class with physio, been attending physio appointments for about 2.5 months now and finally I received the news I've been waiting for. I've been cleared to get back to all gym work and exercise as long as I don't run straight back into playing rugby.

It's a huge benefit being medically cleared as the gym is essentially my best friend when it comes to building the muscle back in my back. Physio exercises are good but nothing packs meat on the back like a heavy barbell from the floor or on your shoulders. Breaking my back has definitely been one of the most inconvenient things I've done as whilst I was very lucky in the sense I did no lasting damage it has gotten in the way of so many things. I've been fly fishing once this summer and that was the Sexyloops meet! Apart from that I've just not been able to get myself away anywhere carrying all the gear and casting away like a madman.

And casting itself has also had to take a back seat. Once I got out of the brace I got back into casting fairly quickly having a fairly intese week or two but it wasn't the most sensible thing in hindsight. It's surprising but I've been amazed the extent of the load through the lower back on a full 170 distance stroke. There's actually a heck of a bit of extension in the lower back on that backcast and i've been left feeling the nasty effects of it. The casting program for me is going to start up again from next week onwards and this time I'll gradually build into the casts. Think I'll play with the 27g for a while before picking up a full line as it's a just a bit easier all round.

It's got me thinking whether anyone reading this that has a layoff from casting has a 'reconditioning' programme?

Mine tends to follow this pattern:
1) Pick it up and leather it, watch the line go out about 60' and dump. Have a swear and then do something sensible,
2) Start casting without hauling lengthening that line under control with nice loops until it dumps
3) Start getting that haul back in, make it late.
5) It wasn't late enough, make it later.
6) Start zipping the line out, focus on loop shape whilst casting rather than the absolute distance - the distance will come once things are neatly back in alignment and the speed is back in the line.
7) Inevitably swear again as I've forgotten all of the above steps I planned to undertake.

It's definitely tricky getting back into casting and for me I think it's going to take a bit of time before I'm comfortable with the full stroke. The medical profession though has ticked the box that says I'm fit and healthy, I've joined a new strength gym - and in famous Sexyloops terms - "It's all about to happen!"

Hopefully something a little more exciting to report next week! Actually if anyone's interested in the rehab itself and useful exercises for your back then give me a shout on the board - happy to share my experience.