Quick one!!

Quick one!!

Paul Arden | Wednesday, 24 November 2021

I was planning a possible UK trip for Xmas but today, while renewing my visa and Malaysian work permit, I discovered that there are no blank pages left in my passport for a full page visa! Slight chaos, but nothing out of the ordinary. However if I can’t renew my long term visitor pass, then I can’t get back into Malaysia with the current travel entry restrictions. So this means I’ll be having another Xmas in Malaysia while I organise a new passport. Still the good news is that it will be another Snakehead Christmas and I’ll be around for hosting trips.

Now for those lucky people who would like a HT for your Xmas, we have rods ready to ship and also some in unusual last minute places. There is a brand new HT4 here with me in Malaysia (last of my Malaysian stock). And in the US (Texas) we have a brand new HT6 ready to ship as well… (one got lost in the Covid post and then both arrived one day apart!). If you are interested in either of these then please drop me an email fast! And of course we are building in UK with the further option of an EU built rod in Spain. It's all happening :)

Early next year we will be launching the HT5… so that’s also very exciting news I’m sure :)))

Over on the Board lots of good discussions at the moment…


If you would like to join in, then drop me an email on paul@sexyloops.com with your username and real name and I’ll set you up. Incidentally if you have written to me and not received an email then it’s most likely that I hit your spam box. Please  check or try again :))

Enjoy the middle of the week!!

Cheers, Paul