Posture movement

Posture movement

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 3 March 2023

Now I have to say that I'm not really sure about title. In Finnish it is ryhtiliike and google translation made it like that. It is little bit similar as put yourself together, like do something to get something done. I'm not really sure if you understand what I mean.

Anyway it is Sunday now.  We had day off which is unusual. In the morning I went to feed reindeers as usual. I took tractor and gave hay like every second or third day. Satu came to farm with dogs, it was beautiful sunny day, chilly also. It was -14 celsius in the morning and during the day it got -10 celsius.

I came from feeding back home around midday, Satu was about to go and visit her father. I did some office work and after that saw Paul's FP, interview with Nick Moore. I started to watch that and watched it about 10 minutes when I realized that I could do some casting training.

I went to garage and took my HT6, I searched spare reel and took thunderbolt -line. I came back inside and I changed thunderbolt line on reel. When I was ready, I drove with snowmobile to farm and start training.  

My elbow has been wreck few weeks now, it is getting worse day by day. I think that main reason is that I have been driving snowmobile a lot with right hand, accelerator is on right and you use it with your thumb. Normally you help steering with your left hand but for some reason I have been driving mostly with my right hand and it has been really tough for my elbow. I have huge problems with right elbow when there is any extra weight or twist coming. 

Anyway I decided to give a shot and do some casting training.  I have missed fishing and casting a lot, I did even realize how much before starting. I decided to take some videos to see how and what I'm doing. It is amazing how much you can see from your own videos, try it. And if you really want to get more from those, sent them to your guide or to Sexyloops, you will get some tips for sure.

So I filmed my casting and saw that my timing with haul is not totally right. I'm rushing too much, so I tried to calm down that. I didn't realize that my mic from ear muffs are recording sound. I watched all the clips right after shooting and I could hear when I was fucking up my cast. I could hear sound like whip, it might be something you like to do on your bedroom but it is sure anything you like to hear when casting. Funny part was that I saw while casting that there was something wrong. In videos I didn't see the line but I heard the whip... and otherwise.

Overall I was really happy about training. It was time to get my ass up and do it. Now the rod and reel are at farm so it will be easy to start training. While doing the training I did realize that I'm compensating my casting because of the elbow. I couldn't use my wrist as I want. And because of that I had to use my whole hand differently, I have to get my elbow better fast, otherwise I will learn some really bad habit.

I did my training with 10 to 20 meters fly line which is about 30 to 70 feet, it is not much but I think it is good start. I try to have next training no later than Tuesday, then I have day off again, this will be slow week coming.

Have a nice weekend

Mika from Finland