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Plans for 2018

Plans for 2018

Tracy&James | Thursday, 4 January 2018

This is the year that I intend to ‘work less and fish more’ – as stated on the t-shirt I bought James for Xmas (with several other presents just in case you think I’m a cheapskate). Another t-shirt had the quote ‘Had to call in sick, my arm is in a cast.’ ☺ Slightly ironic as we’re both suffering from arm issues that are preventing us from casting (or casting well anyway).

We have six weeks booked during Spring to fish for bones, shark, cudas, etc in the Bahamas and James still has lots of fly tying to do before we go (I only have one to tie, but that might take me the two months before we go to get it right!). There’s lots to prepare for six weeks saltwater fishing - however in future years we expect to be fishing in the Caribbean for months rather than weeks. Bonefishing is my favourite past-time; add the potential to catch a big shark or perhaps a big cuda, then I’ll be more than happy to fish every day. 

For 2018 though, our plan is to take more long weekends and fish the rivers in England, Wales and Scotland for trout and grayling, and make more trips to the coast to fish for bass, etc. I also really hope that we have a better summer in 2018 so we can fly-fish for carp – 2017 was pretty poor for carp fishing.

We also have plans to do more casting events, both in the UK and abroad, and in particular need to get fit and ready for the Worlds in August. Though just a few weeks before, we can practice at the Game Fair casting comps in Ragley Hall – it’s the 50th Game Fair so it should be a good event. We’ll be supporting the BFCC in running these competitions, along with all the other BFCC events during the year. It’s a great way to mingle with other good casters, both from the UK team and other teams. We’re looking forward to also going to Millom a few times to cast with Lee.

Whatever you plan to do during 2018, we wish you well,

Tracy & James