Parallel universes?

Parallel universes?

Viking Lars | Saturday, 24 June 2023

Is there life on Mars? Have aliens visited our planet? Does the American government hide a UFO wreck from Area 51 from the rest of the World? Are there separate time lines? Is time travel really possible? This is Sexyloops, so far from being proof, there is now some indications that at least some of the above can be true.

Some of you might remember that I lost my original Sexyloops HT Comp 5 rod in the train. I posted the loss on Danish bucketing boards and Facebook. A friend, former Danish fly casting champion, Leif Christensen, even works at the Danish Railroad and was in fact to drive that very same train the next day and checked my seat. All to no avail - the rod is lost (to me). In some weird way I hope it’s in the hands of someone who knows what it is and appreciates it for what it is. Apart from that person being a `nidding`, which is Viking speak for a wrong doer with no honour.

My original Comp 5 was serial no. 666 (which all my current and future HTs are), so when I ordered a new one, I asked for serial no. 666-2. Of course hoping that the original one turned up all of a sudden as lost things often do shortly after them being replaced. It didn’t (yet). Lee worked his magic and a new one in the mail and of course ended up spending who-knows-how-long in the hands of The Danish Postal Service, who needed first this and then that documentation to release it. Finally here.

And this is where I start to wonder if there really is something odd going on. Maybe a parallel universe, where another Comp 5 666 exists (or existed?). Did Lee travel back in time - just to the point where I left the train and grabbed the rod? Did he pass the barrier and robbed a parallel universe for it’s Comp 5 666? Is there now another Lars, sad for his loss? Will he now order a new Comp 666 from Parallel Universe Paul Arden? Will there then in fact soon be three Comp 5 666s? And i wonder if Parallel Universe Lars casts farther than me? He probably does. Or is it really a case of shifted time lines? The possibilities and implications are limitless.

In 2054, in the Precrime Unit of Philip K. Dick’s dystopian future, I’m certain that the precogs would have foreseen the loss of the rod and the perpetrator arrested, sentenced to ever casting 5m shorter than me. Maybe this did really happen and the rod that arrived a few weeks ago really is the same rod, only future Comp 5 666 returned to me. SImply by time travel? My heads is spinning.

I’ll finish with a more earthly issue, but nonetheless, often as controversial. After I took this photo, I applied a thin coating of UV40 Cork Seal. Some readers are bound to stop reading here - and maybe from reading another of my future FPs. For some reason it can really put fly fishers in two camps. Is it important the rod handles look new? Is it proof that the owner never fishes? Must the rod handles look as if they were used as toilet brushes? I have no problems with rods and handles with patina, I like that as much as the next guy. But I like to keep my gear in fairly good order. I cannot tell any difference in feel after thin coat of cork seal. The cork looks natural and will take patina. But the pores of the cork are sealed, so I can clean the handle every now and then with a rag with a little soap on it. I wonder if Parallel Universe Lars also uses cork seal and if someone are still reading his FPs?

No matter from where, when and who, I’m happy to have a new Comp 5 (or am I reunited - who knows?). Wait - the who! I’m certain it’s from Lee, because the handwriting is a match. Be it current, future or parallel Lee doesn’t matter.

Have a great weekend,


Pod: Did you spend a lot of time composing this photo, Lars? No, not al all - this was just how everything accidentally landed as I unpacked it. Note that the Comp 5 666 now has a nice, black aluminium tube. Is this proof that it is really is future Comp 5 666?