Michal Duzynski | Sunday, 31 January 2016

By the time this front page comes out my knowledge about boats, outboards and handling boat set up in different conditions will be a bit deeper. I am writing it on Thursday, but on Sunday I am meeting a member of SWFF forum from Brisbane and he used to work with boats for past 13 years. Can’t wait - it’s going to be a good Sunday with casting, beers, and talking boats.

OUTBOARDS-  this is how you call the motor on the back of your boat and to choose the correct one is another challenge in choosing the boat quest. 

What I have learned so far is that you cant have nice, sexy looking boat(hull) with a shitty outboard on the back. The motor is the heart of the boat and the set up has to work together. Now guess what is the funny thing about it- WHICH OUTBOARD FOR ME- :-):-):-)
Apart from brands like Yamaha, Suzuki, Tohatsu, Mercury, Honda, Johnson, and Mariner there are few different mechanical things to consider. Now we have regular two stroke motor, then two stroke-3cylinders oil injection, two stroke direct oil injection (Evinrude on the attached picture), two stroke low pressure direct injection and finally four stroke.
I am not really an expert in this matter, but there is a lot of saying especially by dealers that the 4 stroke ia the best. Better fuel efficiency, more quiet and more smooth run- fair enough, but... it has more moving parts that have to be look after and service regularly and the service of a 4 stroke outboard is not cheap. For the amount of time I want to use it, it might be to expensive for me.

Now the regular 2 stroke is not as fuel efficient as the others, because it looses 8% of unburned fuel while working, and as for some is a pain in the butt because you have to mix oil in to the fuel tank before using.  I did not read enough about 3cylinders one and low pressure direct injection, but I read and watched some awesome videos about the Evirude Etec Direct injection and I think this outboard would be the one I am after.

Awesome thing about the direct injection outboards is that they are lighter as fuel efficient as the 4stroke and they don’t need as much service as the 4 stroke (hand book says every 300h or every 3 years) They have an oil tank under the hood(like in the car), so you don’t have to worry about the mixing ratio. Some say that the cost of the oil will be high so it is still better to get a 4 stroke.

There is really nice and very well explained video on youtube about this outboard. A mate in North QLD has this outboard and he bought special more expensive oil for the direct injection motors. After a year of using it quite often in a salt and dirty water the motor goes as new and he only used 1.9l of oil out of the 4l bottle.


  …well, those are only my few thoughts after reading a lot on the internet, let’s see what an expert has to say on Sunday.