one more time

one more time

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 8 September 2023

I thought that guiding season has ended and them came Monday. I got request about 5-6 days of guiding, fishing, hiking, rafting, atv etc. So I built programm around fishing for 3 days. Surprise.

Late on Tuesday I got confirmation that guests are coming..... on Wednesday. Thursday we had hike about 10 km in Oulanka national park. Today they will go rafting and then we will fish.

Saturday we will quad safari ending up to our lake, fishing in the evening and night over by the fire. Sunday some more fishing and Monday we go after grayling to the river.

There was one travel agency and agent or two between us when I was planning the program. So when I finally met guests on Thursday morning I realized that they were not even close what I was told, nationality was something else and for sure they were not Father, son and daughter.

Does it matter? Yes, because these people have been fishing really remote places and are used to outdoor life. Passionate fishermen. So Thursday's hiking was nice but for all of us stupid day kind of. Rafting will be great for them, they saw where they are going and they are looking forward to that.

Saturday we start quads and fishing, that will be cool. What I try to say that if you are travel agency or agent, Do not change the truth. Guides will work from base you tell them, if some reason guide won't take clients because they know truth before hand. Shit happens.

Anyway really nice group to guide and looking forward to really start fishing with them, it will be story time by the fire on Saturday. 

Begin of week I have been building some shelter for firewood and on Thursday friend of ours ploughed one field, our volunteers from France are helping with chicken house and other stuff. Field has to get ready etc Lot of things going at farm. Hopefully we get things done during next week so after that I can have short fishing trip to Sweden before Satu has her trip to Germany.


Have a nice weekend and go fishing.

Mika from Finland