Sexyloops - On the Fly episodes 1&2

On the Fly episodes 1&2

On the Fly episodes 1&2

Paul Arden | Tuesday, 12 September 2023

The first two episodes are Giant Snakehead and Sailfish, respectively. The Giant Snakehead (Toman) was caught up here, on my home water in the Belum-Temenggor rainforest and the Sailfish was caught near Kuala Rompin.

Now I realise that many of you won’t have seen these episodes, because they are only currently aired in Asia. But for those in Asia, it’s on Discovery Asia. Episodes 3&4 air this week. You can find out more details here…

Giant Snakehead is filmed where I am floating around, and there are dozens of pages on this fly fishing challenge on Sexyloops, for example Sailfish in Rompin is fishing with my good friend Juan Wei. Rompin is a world-famous Sailfish fishery. Juan’s website is:

Funny, I’ve known Juan for about ten years, but prior to this we had never fished together! It’s certainly a different aspect to fly fishing when the fish are teased to the boat. I could/should/maybe have had a free-swimmer, if only the glare had been in a different angle, and I would love to have more opportunities to try this. No doubt in the future this will happen, especially when sailing around the world!

Anyway, definitely an experience for the bucket list and Juan is your man here.


If you are considering taking up fly fishing, there is one fly tackle shop in Malaysia. It is run by Nick Ooi and called Tacklebox Adventures. In Singapore you can visit Another Fly Story, operated by Henry Lau.

Both shops are very friendly, offer advice, tackle and flycasting instruction – which will save you a lot of lost flies and patience! There is also an extensive flycasting video library on Sexyloops with videos from this strange man, also named Paul (notice the family resemblance!).



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