On The Fly

On The Fly

Paul Arden | Tuesday, 5 September 2023

Busy week this one. Well firstly, very exciting, the TV show “On The Fly” starts airing tomorrow on Discovery Asia. The first two episodes air back to back. I realise that quite a few of you won’t be able to view it at the moment. Viking Lars is experimenting with some ninja VPN thing. So hang on to your shorts in this department…

Justin, one of our modern hip producers, has started a dedicated TikTok account. That’s all the rage nowadays. You can like us on that, to stay in front of the game.

You can check that out and like us here:

And, very importantly, here you can find  the viewing times on Discovery Asia:


Fantastic! Hopefully we can change a few things ; get people catch and releasing more, and protecting the fish. We do have that happening here in Malaysia and much more of that, everywhere, is what the fish need. Also, a few more flyfishers wouldn’t go amiss.

Fly fishing. It is after all, the meaning of life.


So the other big news is that I’ve pimped my truck. For years I’ve driven trucks with “character.” And the whole white thing just wasn’t doing it for me.  Now it’s a Jungle Snakehead Truck.  I don’t understand why anyone would have a boring car. A car is a blank canvas; release yourself!

Here is how I released myself…







Busy week this one. Lots of online casting lessons (that will teach me for guiding for a week), Ironman Malaysia in four and a half weeks, which really has my (almost complete) attention right now, and the fishing is HOT! Lake levels are low and it’s all happening. Lee, at Sexyloops Top Secret Location in Hastings, is currently in rod building paradise. Everywhere he looks he has a rod to build. And that’s the way we like it.

The only thing that sucks at the moment is the bees. They chased me off one of my boat moorings. It’s not really that they are intentionally chasing me away. It’s just that they love socks. Socks to a bee is like honey to a bear. I go to sleep, for five minutes, and the front of the boat has a bee invasion. What happens, is that one bee discovers my indoor cycle socks, completely loses its mind, and flies back to the hive doing some crazy techno sock dance. 5 minutes later, the whole hive arrives. You think your life has risk… imagine waking up to the buzz of 5000 bees and you will know adventure.


I had a very funny comment today from Wan, the chap who runs Red Springs who accessorised my truck:


Ha ha.

Have a great week!

Cheers, Paul