Sexyloops - New Sexyloops Coming!

New Sexyloops Coming!

New Sexyloops Coming!

Paul Arden | Tuesday, 6 February 2024

I’m upgrading the Board software today so that I can upgrade the PHP version running Sexyloops. The current Sexyloops Content Management System (CMS) is coming to the end of its useful life, and so I plan a new Sexyloops CMS as well as a new Sexyloops look. This is going to be quite expensive because I’ll need some professional help, so if you are thinking of buying a Sexyloops fly rod or two then now is a very good time!!

I have a few exciting plans for Sexyloops. The first is to go right through the 25 plus years of content and republish. Some of it needs updating. But I don’t plan to rewrite it, instead we will have a paragraph or discussion block at the end of the page, where I can point out the original errors. I think that’s more honest and also helpful to those who still believe the numerous incorrect statements to be true. 25 years is a long time and we have learned a huge amount in this time. It will be nice to explain my original mistakes and misunderstandings and what we have learned since and how.

I plan to do a similar thing with the Sexyloops video manual that is now over a decade old. Every video will have a follow up video, explaining the differences to how I now teach, as well as the very many exercises and drills I use  in my coaching. I think that will be brilliant and I’m very excited to get started on this.

I also plan to make all Sexyloops content mobile friendly, to create a Pic of the Day that can be preloaded in advance and will really will be a daily picture again, to separate the shop and make it sexier, to build a complete fly fishing glossary that can be used for Sexyloops navigation (as well as uncovering content shortfalls) and finally, to have a quote of the day. “We won’t know if it’s a mirage or not until we’ve fished it.  Launch the Woolly Bugger!!” [Camo-Guy]

All of this should bring Sexyloops up to date. I think it will take a couple of months to build and test the backend and considerably longer to update all pages. And during this period of course: the show will go on!

The Sexyloops Glossary idea for navigation was something I had in mind 15 years ago. I may not be fast but I am at least consistent!

The Archived Board upgrade was a success yesterday. Today I shall upgrade the Active Board. Hopefully that won’t take the 36hrs to ungrade that the Archived Board took :))) It’s actually quite handy to have two Boards, I’ve since discovered! I originally did this partly by accident, like most things in life, but it’s turned out to be very useful indeed.



Fishing on the Belum-Temenggor lake is a bit slow at the moment. It always is during February. This gives me a chance to do a few jobs around the boat – I’m going to paint a large Snakehead on each side! Things really start to take off again mid March. Not that this stops me fishing of course. There is always a chance to make something happen.

I have a small window available to take on a couple more flycasting students as well. I am going to rebuild my own distance stroke too over the next few months. I have a few ideas to try.

Have a great week!

Cheers, Paul