New line, new reel and a competition

New line, new reel and a competition

Nick Moore | Saturday, 27 May 2023

I have an excellent new line to try at the next competition, it is made by a new company called Celestial Fly Lines. Initial impressions? The coating is very slick and hard, and consequently shoots very well indeed. I have tried a few prototypes, but this is by far the best one. It is 120’ long, features a 73’ head which means your carry has to be fairly high.

My trip ‘tup north’ a few weeks ago was quite a shopping trip, now of course I had to pop into hardy, and I purchased a lovely Bougle 3 ½” reel. What line is on this? None other than the fantastic Celestial competition #5 line, backed with mono, I imagine it will fly! 

In other news, Paul and I have finished recording the 110’ cast, this is going to be about 40 mins, but it Is jam packed with discussions about overhang, the back cast, the launch as well as many other topics such as overhang and casting short headed lines for distance. 

I have a competition to prepare for, so tight lines!

All the best!