Sexyloops - NEW CHEESE...



Michal Duzynski | Sunday, 25 October 2015

I’m not sure is some of you read the book (booklet) "WHO MOVED MY CHEESE", if not then you should. It talks about how not to be afraid of changes in your life and how the changes can actually benefit your life.
  I did mention this particular book as a lot of changes has occurred in my life at the moment and in long term I see only benefits of it... Starting with this FP. Paul had asked me before to take one of the FP slots, but I was scared as I don’t fish (catch many fish) and I would not have much to write about, especially after moving to Brisbane and trying to catch imaginary saltwater species on the fly. And here I am. I took a bite of a new cheese and I’m writing to you.
 Regarding imaginary SWFF, I know the fish are there, but my chances to get to them are very limited, and this is why they remained imaginary and I kind of gave up.

Inspired by Bernd's FP about fishing water that is close to you, I decided to try something new - new cheese, and instead chucking my Clousers into the salt without success, I have decided to do some research about freshwater lakes that are located 30min drive from my place and their habitants.

The name of the new cheese is an AUSTRALIAN BASS. 
I just had 3 outings so far 4-5h sessions, and every time I caught 3 fish and had contact with 1 or 2 more. This fishing is very exiting - why?? This is why:

1) first time ever caught a bass, and I’ve heard that big one are there as well..
2) I’m catching them on the flies I tied
3) I’m catching them very early in the morning, and as a busy person, I love the morning silence on the lake
4) There is no 4
5) looking forward to have some more time off and try to catch them in the evening
6) catching them on the surface and deep
7) knowing that there are other species like Saratoga in the lake brings the adrenaline level up
8) casting and line management challenges - a lot to learn
9) trying other lakes in the future.....

I was thinking about starting new thread on the board about my bass fishing reports, but looks like I will take the Sunday FP, and I will try describe my new experience right here. If I was afraid of having a bite of the new cheese I would be still only reading about guys catching fish. So don’t be afraid of changes and have a bite of the new cheese. 

Australian Bass adventure TBC....

Michal Duzynski