Sexyloops - Neuroses



Andy Dear | Thursday, 4 February 2021

Neuroses- A relatively mild mental illness that is not caused by organic disease.

Now that both Deer and Duck season have ended it is officially time to dust off the fishing gear, and get ready for the 2021 angling assault of South Texas.

  Since February marks the start of the pre-spawn activity of both Speckled Trout and Largemouth Bass, Jack and I have been scrambling to make sure the gear is in good order for the coming year. The first stop on the list are the fabled saltwater flats of the Laguna Madre. Jack, for the last two years along with Captain Freddy Lynch, have been trying to break several of the Texas Youth Saltwater fly records, and have come scarily close on a number of occasions. And, if there was ever a perfect time of year to chase big sow Trout, February through May is it. We have a charter booked on February 14th to continue the quest.

  I know many of you are asking "how are you able to swing a fly fishing trip on Valentine's Day?". Good question. My wife Emily has always been very understanding of my angling "neuroses". And now that Jackson has become embroiled in this addiction, I'm not sure she actually has a choice in the matter. Of course, I had to be diplomatic about it, and commit to a proper Valentine's day celebration on a mutually agreed upon alternate day.

 Last month Jack and I visited a new private lake that our Bass club opened up in the rotation. Unfortunately, our trip had to be cut short due to a complete meltdown of our trolling motor...but not before Jack landed a 7lb 8oz. beast. And, about an hour after we left the lake our buddy Bill Fetech landed an 8.5lb behemoth. I can only imagine what those two Bass are going to look like in March after a month or two of gorging on the local population of forage fish in preparation for the upcoming spawn.Two fish that size in one day is unheard of on just about any body of water, but this looks to be a pretty special place, so expect multiple front pages devoted to "DogLeg Ranch".

  January and February in Texas usually produce the coldest, gloomiest weather of the season. The upshot however is if you have enough moxy to brave the elements, they can also produce some of the most stellar fishing of the year. As Paul likes to say...stay tuned, it's all about to happen.

Hope you are all staying safe and healthy,