Multiple Projects

Multiple Projects

Paul Arden | Monday, 17 August 2020

Mrs Sexyloops is visiting this week so we are going fishing! However this week I would like to point you in particular to a Board project to try to gather together - and make some sense of for the “casual reader”/“layman” - the discussions that we have had for the past 20 years ie how does flycasting really work in terms of physics.

Now anyone who has read the Board in this time, will be aware that there exists some fundamental disagreements between some very learned people! I don’t wish for this task to degenerate into heated debates! If there are obvious disagreements as to - for example - how a loop propagates (as there are!), then we will answer the question with both alternative view points.

There are many reasons for doing this, but  I think one of the most compelling reasons is to get rid of some of the common fly casting myths that are generally, but not exclusively, related to “rod loading” - which is often seen as a bit of a Fly Casting Red Herring. Certainly it’s not all about rod loading!

Anyway one of the first tasks is to compose the list of questions. I’ve stared a topic here but I would be most interested to hear your (dear reader!) questions! So either add them to the Board topic or alternatively drop me an email and I’ll add them for discussion.

As always, you can email me on - thanks :)


What other ongoing projects do I have? Well many!! However the most important this week is to catch a really colourful - and preferably huge! - Giant Snakehead that I can use to photograph and vinyl wrap the sides of my truck with. Oh yes!!!

Have a great week :)

Cheers, Paul