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t.z. | Friday, 4 August 2017

... combining travel with fishing is an interesting task. We all are faced with it and tackle (pun intended) it in various ways. I find going into “driftwood mode” being a very good way of taking chances. Chances to experience the unexpected, the new, the inspiring.

Over the last years my way of travelling became more and more motorcycle based. For one the very act of driving is more fun. Not so much when it rains, but heck that´s still much better than driving around in one of Paul's cars .…. and my new bike is very good in terrain as well. A feature I will try to make much more use of in the future.

The other reason is the communicative bit. It never takes very long before people approach me and start a conversation. Such rarely happens with a car - OK, I can imagine Paul's cars having a similar effect …. mostly because he has to fix them roadside ;-)

A motorcycle has even less space for gear than a car. So things have to be planned at a higher detail level. I think this is fun. Having less stuff and more life quality - it´s sort of an eastern thing, if you so will.

So read on if you are really interested - or plagued by insomnia. It´s a boring FP, some plan according your preference. I assure you it either excites you should you be a nerd like me (that maybe counts for 2 or 3 readers - or if you want to be put asleep rather quickly. The other folks have to wait until tomorrow for more interesting topics - or join a discussion on the forum about flycasting (which puts me asleep)

The packing system of my ride is divided in three parts.  A pannier each side and a top bit. I went away from the rigid top box which came with the bike to a large, waterproof rolltop-bag.

The pannier on the right side is facing away from the road. so it holds things one might need when standing roadside - in an emergency situation for example. I would not pack the first aid kit on the left side of the bike, unless travelling in countries with left side traffic - in thisxsituation you have to revert the system. (I told you I would put you asleep)

The pannier on the left holds cooking equipment and food. Both panniers can be locked, so I keep very valuable items like camera, lenses and laptop in them. I really like the aluminium panniers as they double as crash protection. The bike is easier to be picked up when resting on those should have tipped over. Another benefit of the boxer engine too. The cylinders sticking out on the sides protect your feet & legs. One should be able to crawl out under should the bike have tipped over in terrain. Due to the higher speeds crashing on tarmac is a different story of course. 

The rack-pack I use is made by Ortlieb. It also sells as a Touratech branded item. Very robust and most important - waterproof. The 89l version is long enough to fit a 4pc 9ft rod. “stop” - most rod tubes are too long though. I have shortened the rod tube so it fits the rack pack as well as the rod, obviously.

One of the most space saving tips I got lately was to not use the sleeping bags stuff bag. Use the whole rucksack or rack-pack in my case. I have a down sleeping bag which can easily fill all the cavities in between the various items and other bags. It is really remarkable how much space this saves.

good night :-)