More discussions!

More discussions!

Paul Arden | Saturday, 4 March 2023

I’ve uploaded the second part of my talk with Nick on Distance Casting. We also discuss training, balloons and lumi-lines!

Today is my big ride of the week. This evening I sit on my indoor bike for four and a half hours. This is actually my favourite ride of the week; I look forward to it all week and it sets me up for a great start next week. I have my weekly long run on either Monday or Tuesday night.

I’m really busy with online teaching lessons at the moment. I think I might have to start a waiting list soon. Otherwise I might feel that I’m working too hard! I do really enjoy them though. Some huge breakthroughs for one of my long-term students this morning. Which to me really shows the value of long term coaching and training. It’s amazing how things just click sometimes. This was a particularly fascinating morning, because three things really came together in one session. I suspect he is going to be a truly outstanding flycaster.

Coaching for me is a little bit like guiding; I would much rather have repeat students where I can build long term relationships. That’s where I feel I can make the biggest differences.

Lee has almost caught up with HT orders in the UK. That was certainly a hectic February! Postal strikes didn’t help that’s for sure.  If you are looking for a Sexyloops rod for the new season then now is  an excellent time to order.

And very soon we shall have a new stock of lumi-lines!

I have to proof-read my wife’s final MBA paper this weekend and then, drum roll, I should be able to get some quality time fishing again. We are in March now and this is when the lake fishing kicks off properly again. This is when it all happens.

Hope you are having a nice weekend!

Cheers, Paul

PS todays PoD: “G3”