Mixed feelings

Mixed feelings

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 8 May 2020

During the last weekend some things were happening. Most important was that we had some rain and warm (+5 celcius) reach us. That meant that snow started to go away, not all still. Last week we had about 100 cm and now it is only about 60 cm left. Still too much that we could sent reindeer on their summer fielding area but yes maybe after all summer is coming. And fishing season also.

Also our goverment is starting to dismantle some restrictions around Covid fuck 19. I’m not sure if all them should be done but only time will show. Kids are returning to schools next week and restaurants can open doors in the begin of June. What I am looking forward to go fishing as soon it is possible to reach rivers. I had plan to go fishing with snowshoes or snowmobile but days were fullfilled by reindeer. Some day they just walked over fence or there was some other things which kept me busy. So I hold two weeks more or less.

Like I have told we have Varzina trip coming again on coming August. Nobody knows if borders are open on that time yet but…… if not trip will be just moved on next avaiable year. That is fair deal more or less. I’m really hoping that it will happen this year. Why?

Of course everybody has been waiting this a long time. We booked trip right after first one on 2018 so two long years it has been. But also because on June and July there are no foreign groups. Only Russian groups that is also maybe. So in my brains it means that we will be 2nd group on season. I think that time is one of the best in many kind…… So I have been starting daydreaming even more than should be good.

I keep my feet on the ground, hope for the best and fear for the worst. Next two months will be quite anyway so I have time to do some things my wife is asking to do. List is endless but I try to fullfill her request. There is lot of renovation around buildings and so on after snowy winter. Mixed feelings it is.

Have a nice weekend

Mika from Finland

Ps. Photos from last weekend