mind set

mind set

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 14 October 2022

It has been almost 4 weeks without fishing or casting now. It is long time when you want to get better at something. August was great when having COVID, not allowed to have human contacts so time for fishing.

This summer I made all of my fishing trips more or less to be casting practise. And it have paid off so many ways. I could see how everything are coming together. It is not that I was shitty caster earlier, it is more like how you can step up easily.

Someone was wondering once why I don't practise casting during the winter. It could make me really really good. I told that it is about time and darkness. That is half of the truth.

Past four weeks I have been helping a friend with his fence and then some reindeer work. Until this week I have set up my mind to work for others, beginning of the week I was gathering reindeer and decided that from Tuesday I have to start to do fence building and things at home.

I'm not morning person so I have started around 9 am even daylight is starting from 7 am. I have been renewing our own fence now and working until 7pm or close to that. That is the time when it is getting so dark that you can't work with light safely anymore.

So I have set up my mind to work and get fence ready as soon as possible. When getting home food and watching TV or something stupid like that. Well it is not really stupid, I just can turn off my brains.

It made me think that now I'm really wasting some time and chance to improve myself. I could easily train casting in the evening even it is dark. Of course I have been doing almost 10 hours day with physical work and still....

It is all about mind set, we all have learned fly casting because we set our mind for that. Some of us better than others, it is just that they wanted to be more and better. It is all about mind set. So if you want to take next step, contact to your guide or instructor.

I will set my mind that I will take rod to my hand at least two times per week even winter is running over.

Set your mind and go fishing
Mika from Finland