Mayfly on the Dee

Mayfly on the Dee

Tracy&James | Sunday, 6 June 2021

Last weekend’s BFCC meeting went well with lots of happy casters attending. Things were helped by the fantastic weather, hot enough to dispense with the fleeces and cast in a T-shirt, plus a bit of wind to make the competition casters smile. Mark, Mike H and Mike M provided instruction all day and they had plenty of satisfied customers judging by the comments received during the day and on Facebook etc. On the competition side of things it was a fairly relaxed affair with only 5 or 6 casters wanting to compete, perhaps this was for the best given the year’s gap. That’s not to say it wasn’t a good competition, there was some great casts measured and it was easy to see who had been practising during lock-down.

The cast of the day, for me, was made by Mick - a long standing BFCC member who is now in his 70’s.  Mick broke the record in his age category for the #5 weight, recording a cast of 124ft – a great cast in anyone’s book and showing that advancing years is no barrier to improving your fly casting.

This weekend Tracy and I have been fishing the Dee.  We’ve been purposefully going to beats that we haven’t fished before and so, on Friday, we found our way to a new stretch for us.  Given the weather (another warm, sunny day) and the abundant fly life (relatively speaking – I’ve written previously about declining invertebrate populations) we decided we’d walk the beat looking for rising fish.  I don’t know if it was the bright sunlight but there wasn’t much surface activity to be seen until we got to near the top of the beat where there was the odd rise in a couple of the glides there.

I started with my usual Dee default dry – a small, drab coloured Klinkhammer.  This accounted for a small trout almost immediately but then I missed three takes on the trot.  These takes were a bit unusual in that they were incredibly aggressive, punching a big hole in the water each time – but each strike was met with nothing.  After this I covered several more rises in the same glide with absolutely nil response.  A brief look to the skies showed that there were adult olives on the wing so that prompted a change of fly to a closer match and my results changed immediately.  I think I took maybe five trout from the glide, definitely fish that had previously refused the Klink.  

Incidentally, I was once told by somebody that there’s no mayfly on the welsh Dee, well that certainly wasn’t the case on Friday.  I wouldn’t say the air was thick with them but we did see them, perhaps a couple of dozen of them.  Who knows, maybe we’ll get a duffers fortnight if the hatch keeps building.

Tracy and I will be fishing the Dee again today (Sunday), so hopefully we’ll have some more pictures for next week’s page.  I promise I will take the camera and get some photos of Tracy as I know you’d prefer picture of her fishing rather than my ugly mug.

Have a great week,