Man Down

Man Down

t.z. | Friday, 4 May 2018

Man Down ……

Wading is not so easy sometimes, especially the last steps out of a river seem the most critical. I have bad feet and even worse balance. I can’t even do x-country skiing. I fall right away. Constantly.

Wading works fine though … until the last few steps on these slippery, overgrown rocks right by the bank. Zzzzzzziiiittt … whammm are the correct comic strip “sounds” one should add to the picture of “old man falling”. Man down, so to say.

By now I should have the right reflexes and get rid of every thing breakable in my hands before hitting the ground. Well, theoretically this is more than clear to me, but in practice all goes much faster than the old brain is able to process.

So I fell towards my right side, like always. This is why I carry my rod in the left when wading & walking. Not this time……

Krrrrrkkkkkk it went under my knee. In a split second my beloved best friend - the Sexyloops HT4 with serial number 9 - was converted into a 5-piece rod. Just that it wasn’t fishable any more.

I cried, kicked and screamed for a second and then smiled. I smiled a big smile because I know the man who is responsible for this gear. Not some anonymous big marketing company selling rods made in far "somewhere" … the chinaman is not the issue here, dude ….. so I got ut of the river, to the car, changed my clothes and send a message to Paul.

Paul was very proud of me. He said that this was the first butt section of any HT to break apart. Isn’t that nice? I’m proud of myself …........ not.

Anyway. The fantastic Jan Siman send the broken rod to England the very same day. Lee got onto it as soon it arrived on his doorstep and turned it around. Now the British Royal mail has it and is transporting it back to the Czech Republic, where I sit in front of a fly shop, tying flies which I swap against beer. There’s a Hotel/Restaurant right next to the fly shop. The owner is a fly fisher of course and he keeps coming by with a fresh pint of Pilsener Urquell now and then to swap it for flies.

See, there is always a good side to everything. ;-)

I did the smart thing and ordered a second HT4 so I have backup next time. This means I then own two rods … an HT4 and another. It’s like this beers. One is not enough ….

Next week … the Czech story and what a hairdresser had to do with nymph fishing and dying synthetic materials.

P.S. the best thing is that I know that this type of service is standard procedure at Paul's. He really understands what it is like being without a fishing rod. So do yourself a favour and get one or two. .... By the way - Jan and his friends were equally sad 'cause everybody having tested the rod loved it.

the broken rod ....

the fix

Now I'm sitting in front of, tying flies, getting a tan (not on the legs yet) and having a beer or two ;-) Life is good ... however, it could bet better. I am "single" right now - meaning without a rod. The broken rod is repaired and on it's way back. I follow the tracking report like others the races ...

Shipment en route
United Kingdom
03 May 2018 9:00 AM

Arrived at sorting center
Longford, Greater London, United Kingdom
03 May 2018 1:56 AM

Shipment en route
West Sussex, England, United Kingdom
02 May 2018 9:47 PM

Arrived at sorting center
West Sussex, England, United Kingdom
02 May 2018 7:02 PM

Dispatched from sorting center
9 Whitefriars Ro TN34 3LA
02 May 2018 8:11 AM


picture by Jan, (these are no my legs)

something else ... another long awaited shipment has made it. We got Jurrassic Hares feet on stock again - check out my little webshop for ordering and pricing details. We ship worldwide. -


back feet between 15 and 18cm long (6 to 7 inches)

front feet around 8cm long (3.2 inches)


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