Making winter

Making winter

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 2 December 2022

Still not snowing, first groups are coming this morning and winter season is really taking off on Sunday. Ice fishing trip was just distance dream.

We have been gathering snow from lakes and fields, using quad to get it on trails. Shoveling and tractor. Two nights ago there was snowing for 2 cm, which is barely enough with our pre-snowing work. Trails are now more or less ready, at least we are able to start season. 

Yesterday we test drove reindeer and everything was okay. At the same time there are lot of last things preparations to do. Luckily our friend came to help drove bales from fields to our farm, now feeding is faster and easier.

Yesterday I saw that my rod has arrived to Kuusamo, it took only 4 weeks from Spain. I will pick it up today, finally.

Now I have to run, first visitors are here in hour. I hope now I can have other thoughts also, not just stress about snow and if we get everything done.

Have a nice weekend and go fishing