M25 Car Park!

M25 Car Park!

Tracy&James | Sunday, 28 May 2023

Tomorrow, as I write, James and I will be running another BFCC meeting. This one is in Kent, so James is driving now after picking me up from Bristol where I was working all week. We'll be doing a lot of travelling over this weekend – both taking turns to drive. We’ve just stopped at a very busy Sportfish Theale and watched trout leap for damsels and saw emerging mayflies. This almost made us break out the rods and start fishing! We're currently stuck in busy traffic on the M25 but we're hoping to get to Kent to do some casting practice, mainly me as I haven't cast a rod for over a week.

The casting comps should be good as king Bart is ready to try for another almost clean sweep, though I reckon James and Nick will give him a good challenge. Sadly Callum isn't able to join us and compete for the junior records as planned as he has injured his wrists at work recently. Hopefully he will have recovered for the next event in Cheshire at the end of June.

James met up with Chris, Whinging Pom from the board, during the week to go fishing on the Welsh Dee and they had a cracking day and experienced one of the first evening rises of the year. When we get back home later in the week, we'll go and try to figure out what thetrout were taking as James and Chris frustratingly had their flies largely ignored as it went dark.

The weather forecast looks good for the casting comps,however when we got to the venue today to check it out, the wind was swirly so it may be a bit of a lottery as to who gets the best conditions during their time slot. We expect to have at least two virtual entries, one from Spain and maybe another from Australia. We have anew fly lines to try at this competition made in Wales by Steve Parkes, so I’m looking forward to casting it in the 5# event.  The rules of the BFCC does not limit the line to the SA MED, so as long as the line is AFFTA weight compliant, at least 90ft long, floating and commercially available then it can be used.  Steve has just put his distance #5 line on sale, so it will be interesting to see how James and I fair with it.

In preparation for the event, James has continued his liquid training (mostly with cider and wine) whilst we watched the sunset from our beautiful countryside location. Obviously I had to support him.

Hope whatever you are doing this weekend, you have a liquid time,