Loud Mouth Popper

Loud Mouth Popper

Scott Loudon | Sunday, 2 August 2015

I'm filling in for Scotty here at last minute, and have a kick-ass page for tomorrow. So while I think about it I will describe a fly that I've been using here on Temenggor, namely a colour variation of Vince's Loud Mouth Popper. I first came across a grasshopper variation of the pattern tied by Sean Ash, who's a fly angler and tier from Queensland, Australia. He kindly gave me a few patters to try while at one of Haysie's famous Conclave-bashes. This was a great pattern for me, I caught Spangled Emperors over at Exmouth out the salt - yes dry fly in the salt! They were eating them. And later I caught a really nice 48cm Australian Bass while fishing with Beerie that same year.

Last year I had a morning chasing Kingfish with the originator of the pattern, Vince "Queenfish". There are tying instructions on the Board, which I am linking to here.

So my colour scheme for Snakehead, according to the tying goes thus:

1) Tie in lead wraps at the top of the hook bend. This helps the fly sit lower in the water and not skip across it - this is absolutely paramount for Snakehead. A fly that skips across the water and doesn't pop is next to useless here.

2) I use olive dyed bear hair as centre tail and two large olive feathers tied both left and right - like frog legs! Sorry I don't know what feathers these are, but they are perfect :cool:

3) I then take another green feather and tie spin it around the shank. Run the thread up and down the shank and tie off.

4) Now for some red foam tubing. Poke a hole through the foam cylinder and poke onto the shank. Glue it in place. I do this with superglue. I slide it forward, glue the back of the shank, slide a long way back, glue the front of the shank and push into final position. Trim the bottom of the foam slightly flat.

5) Then the most important thing of all. Flat black foam cut and glued in place so that it makes a hood for the front of the popper.

There is something great about this fly. I don't know if it's the combination of dark green and red that does it. Certainly an all red pattern I have has only taken follows so far. But it looks great and so I'll give it another go. Lots of time to experiment.

Cheers, Paul