Lockdown Living

Lockdown Living

Paul Arden | Wednesday, 9 June 2021

My fishing is once again imaginary, and I don’t mean that I’m fishing Imaginary Saltwater, no instead I am wondering when – or even if – life will ever become “normal” again. One and a half years of “movement control orders” and lockdowns and the virus is now worse than ever. New infections in Malaysia are surging and more per capita than even India. No end in sight over here at least!

Bernd is fighting with a Tick today and is visiting a doctor to get some treatment. I hope he is good next week. Those things can be pretty rough. We have a lot of them in Hungary and they are surprisingly dangerous for a little creature.

So I thought I would show you some interesting reading on Sexyloops. As you’ll probably know we have been around for 23 years now, which actually might be longer than some of you.

Lucky you!

And while we have a lot of flycasting information, you can also find a lot of fishing and flytying information too. 

I began fly fishing as a reservoir angler in the UK. I wrote a small booklet in 1996 on the subject which is available on Sexyloops and you can find here:


If you are thinking about learning to tie flies (even I tie flies, in fact I tie the ugliest flies on the planet; fish love them) then you can learn here:


Just looking for something to read? Check out the articles section:


Front Page archive back to 2006?


One thing you should do here, is join our discussion Board. It’s a great community of serious FFers and it contains a vast amount of information. A “minefield” even.


If you want to join just drop me an email: paul@sexyloops.com

Have a great day!

Cheers, Paul

PS: Imaginary SWFF? Camo-Guy goes Imaginary SWFF: