Leaving the Muddy Confluence

Leaving the Muddy Confluence

Paul Arden | Wednesday, 17 May 2017

A bit of a late Front Page this one, filling in for Bernd today who's busy teaching and fishing since 5am! I've just driven up from Kuala Lumper (which I've discovered means "Muddy Confluence" in Malay) and Ashly and I are staying in Grik tonight - tomorrow it's back aboard the "Rocket Condom" - so called because a) it looks like a condom when it's raining - as aptly named by Lars - and b) it has a max speed of 40.5km/hr now it has a 30HP on the back and not a pussy 15! You really need to hang on to your shorts, hat and everything else that might fly overboard!

I'm really looking forward to the next three months of fishing. My main goal now is to discover as many Jungle Perch locations as possible. This is not a fish that I've really targetted in my three years of fishing Temenggor out of the last five, and when I have caught them they've come to Poppers and Dry Flies. But the real fishing activity for these is rather deep, some 20-30ft down, which involves sinking lines and lots of counting! And these fish are right in the snags, which is where the sounder is going to (hopefully) prove invaluable. If I can find - say - 40 or 50 really prime locations over the next months then when I have guests here they can catch fish for sure, and not just say they had some difficut shots and a really good casting lesson (while getting their arse kicked by Snakehead and Giant Gourami). 

Of course this is coming into prime time now for both Gourami and Toman (Giant Snakehead); the Snakehead shoud start surfacing for air during their active hours (9am-12am and 6pm-7.45pm - ie dark). Gourami acitivty is generally either early or late in the day or after a rain storm - and they'll start stumping in a month or two ("Stumping" is a term I invented to describe their activity of eating algae of the stumps). 

On the Sexyloops Hot Torpedo side things are really moving fast now, which is great news and will allow me to further develop the range. I have one rod ready for release - a competition T27 rod "The Rampage" which also handles a T38! And I have another rod that I want to try one small alteration to with regards the blank's butt stiffness. It's a 7'6 3WT which everyone who's tried it loves, but I've been sitting on the design for over 12 months trying to figure out how it can be better. I fished it a fair bit in Europe last trip and I've finally worked out what change I want to try. Man, these things take a long time! 

The HTOC competition where you can win a HT rod is going well with now 8 entries for this round so far. Please do get involved - we want to hear your story! You can see these entries here in the HTOC as well as our latest news and builds. Lee's removable fighting butt and camo bag looks to be a stunner. This was sent on Monday to Denmark. 

In fact I'm really busy at the moment, working on both a forthcoming revolution that I can't discuss yet and the next APP version. So this keeps me busy during thunderstorms! 

Ashly would like to point out that I'm both in Instagram and Twitter as MrSexyloops - although I'm still figuring out how to best use them!

Have a great day - Bernd will be back next week! (Small note to Bernd: I don't want any of the above to make you think I'll be fishing any less than EVERY day over the next three months Cool Hope you had a great day, mate!)