just take two

just take two

t.z. | Friday, 25 May 2018

The last days in Czechia my trusted HT4 serial number 9 arrived repaired, just a week and a bit after I had broken it. Even though a 12 day return time, of which 7 or 8 were related to freight, is exceptionally fast. Still, not fast enough when on a fishing trip when every hour counts. So I did myself a favour and ordered a backup rod. Nothing too new to me as I used to carry two Sage XP 9ft 5wt with me. After a few years fishing these I somehow got the urge fishing a lighter line.

Paul must have heard my prayers and came out with the HT4. I got serial number 7 for Konstanse for x-mas 2014 so she could start with flyfishing. The bug caught on with her, so I had to get an HT4 myself. Serial number 9. This is the rod I stepped on in the Otava river. As this is my only flyrod I needed a backup and ordered another HT4 from Paul. Number 99.

You are extremely far from the truth if you now think I'm a well off man. Actually I am pretty low on money and try to live on a very low budget, but try to collect as many experiences and meet good people. I'm 55 now and biological clock is ticking. If all goes well that's another 15, maybe 20 years of fishing and fun. Maybe even more ... however - a very short time in the bigger scale of things. Seriously - I have no time to waste and no use for a fly rod which is under par. After having fished the HT4 for 2 years now, everything else is way under par. I am seriously spoiled. Take my advise. Stay away and refrain from trying this rod. You'd need two in the end (given you are as clumsy as me)




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on a side note - I'll be hosting a weeks fly fishing fun @Skålestrømmen in Norway. Sign up quickly, there's only 6 rods total - here's the link http://www.skalestrommen.no/?p=263&lang=en


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