Just dryfly

Just dryfly

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 3 September 2021

Sunday was beautiful sunny autumn day. I asked if Satu would like go fishing. She hasn’t had much time for that during this summer. She said that she will skip it, Satu wanted to have really day off and have some rest. She said that I have two options, either stay with her at home and go to bed OR go fishing by myself. Field wasn’t finished yet so that I thought that you could do that, Satu made very clear that it is either fishing or her.

So I decided to go fishing. It was too perfect weather to skip fishing. On winter when it is dark and snowy, I will have less fishing and more sex. I drove again to my favourite area on Kitka river. This time it would be just dryfly fishing, well I made some nymphing during the day, it was only to active some fish from my feet.

I picked up dries and started to fish, immediately I had some rises on fly, graylings rejected fly just before take. That was moment when it started, fly changing circus. I was fishing with two dryfly, so I had two option all the time. I saw so many different kind of rise on flies that I got little bit addictive for that. I saw rise that fish jumped over fly and pushed down to water, there was one just coming all most to surface and sucking, ”normal take” etc. During the changing circus it was also clear that graylings were really picky, I could get few graylings with one fly and then had to have different one.

I was fishing same spot almost 2 hours. I missed a lot of fish because wrong fly but it was so much fun just to see different rises and how they reject the fly. Best take of day was when nice grayling took fly that head came out and then it sank back to down. You probably have seen similar ones with trouts. I have never notice that kind of rise with grayling before, it was breathetaking take.

During the day I had once double with dries, luckily I had this time net with me so I could land them. Afternoon I changed spot. There I had 15 minutes of nymphing and then back to dries for couple of hours. In some point I was laughing on loud. It was so great fishing and addictive that I couldn’t help myself. I had blast.

When coming back home I found out that Satu had 4 hours nap, so she probably needed day off. And I had great time before final two days of the main season. Monday I was again expensive babysitter, will do FP later about that. And Tuesday rafting and fishing, FP coming during the autumn.

Now temps have dropped and it is about +7 celsius on daytime and during the night just barely +. I was able to finish field on Monday morning and Wednesday sowing, so it is ready. Sunday looks good for fishing so let’s see how it goes. Monday I have guiding again, autumn grayling fishing season has started and looking forward to that.

Have a nice weekend and go fishing

Mika the Legend