Jungle Blues

Jungle Blues

Viking Lars | Saturday, 8 August 2020

I bought Stu Tripney’s book, “Jungle Blues vol 3”, which is an account of his travels with Paul in the Malaysian jungle. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you buy the book. It’s a very different fishing book (and a slightly mad one too), but just how we all like it.

I backed the book on Kickstarter and got some extra merchandise with my delivery - a cool trout sticker and some small, plastic rulers, which I first thought were stickers, but they’re not. They have inches on one side and metric on the other and a total length of 15cm for the right minded, 6 inches for you strange types who still think in Imperial measurements. Who can be bothered with all those fractions anyway :-).

If you haven't got it yet, it's available here.

I stuck my ruler to the base of my vise with a thin layer of super glue and it’s now a very handy and conveniently placed ruler that I use quite a lot. For instance when tying tube flies, I often cut the tubes to length before I start tying.

I often tie the same pattern in say 3 different sizes and once in a while, a quick check on the ruler ensures that I am indeed getting a meaningful size difference between the flies. There’s really not much point in having the same pattern in 1cm increments - that’s 25/64 inches - see my point :-). No, I prefer a more real difference closer to 2,54cm - that’s one whole inch :-). And just a quick check on the now conveniently placed ruler ensures I’m somewhere in the vicinity.

In Aarhus, where I live it’s around 30 degrees C - that’s 86 degrees Fahrenheit and I just cannot stand that kind of heat. So it’s flytying for me to day (after I put a few finishing touches on the rabbit hutch that kept me from writing my FP last weekend) and I’ve promised a friend some small tube flies for Norway.

Have a great weekend!